Build Season Week #1: Off to a Great Start!

By Calvin Dunn on Saturday, January 13, 2018

FIRST Power Up gets kicked off as we begin the first week of build season.

The Season Kicks Off With The 2018 FIRST Power Up Game

Alex Boyer and Adam Battery conducting a proof-of-concept experiment to test possible intake mechanisms.

Our Engineering Team Is Off to A Great Start

By the end of week one, we will have a concrete, fleshed out, pencil-and-paper design for the robot. We will be moving into transferring this into CAD models and beginning construction of the base of the robot.

Photos by Ryan Josloff

Update on Business

Business has been hard at work beginning the first stages of the prestigious Chairman’s Award. We are also happy to have begun brainstorming Power Up specific graphics for our team promotional material. Lastly, the Business Team has started developing ideas to incorporate the theme of the game into the pit and robot design. It has been a busy week but we are so excited for this year’s game!


Student Feature

“As someone who loves video games, I was excited from the moment I heard the theme of the game! The thing that I’m most interested in is the power-ups that we are able to gather and use throughout the game. The power-ups are a new aspect of strategy to the game as it’s unlikely to win without using them. However, teams must be careful because depending on them too much could lead to the downfall of your team.”

~ Cami Stygles