Train: Create Image Slider

Create New: Image Slider

  1. Upload photos.
    • Dashboard> Media> Library> Add New>
    • Drag or Select Files to import into media library.
  2. Create new “UR Image Slider”
    • Dashboard> UR Image Slider> Add New Image Slider>
    • Enter slider title.
  3. Add photo images to slider:
    • Click on “Add New Images”.
    • Select photo from Media Library.
    • Fill in attachment details: Title, Caption, Alt Text, Description.
    • Repeat steps 3a – 3c for each slider photo.
  4. Define settings on Image Slider:
    • Note the URIS Slider Shortcode for later reference. E.g. “[ URIS id=3087 ]”
    • Select settings and options.
  5. Click the “Publish” button (top right column).
  6. Use the URIS Slider Shortcode (e.g. “[ URIS id=3087 ]”) in a page edit to display the slider.