Website Planning, June 20

Attendees: Jackie, Hamzah, Hammad, Angela

Portal Ideas

  1. Forms
  2. Sign-up Genius quick link
  3. Details and background on upcoming Calendar events.
  4. Carpool signup and schedules
  5. Team Handbook
  6. Season Competition Rule Book
  7. Team Supplies Wish List (ex: picnic supplies, forks, hard-drive for picture storage)
  8. List of Applications and Permissions needed: Slack, GoogleDoc, Trello, Github, Remind, Instagram
  9. Fundraiser Information: AmazonSmile, Workplace Matching programs
  10. Help with Errands: (ex: pic up printing from Staples for button making; receipt+reimbursement)
  11. Links to Blue Alliance

Website Development Training

  • Mock-up and Story Boards for content and modifications, perhaps generated by Marketing team as request to Web Dev team
  • Develop PROCESS to communicate requests for content modifications to Web Dev team.
  • Use test website for training and development
  • Use production website for “approved” and tested updates
  • Develop PROCESS to approve and update production website.
  • Create learning videos and/or references on using the Dubstep theme
  • List of tutorial references on learning HTML and PHP
  • Identify and assign owners to update public pages



FIRST Steamworks


FIRST Steamworks