Summer 2017 Outreach Events UPDATE

By Hammad Chaudhry on Thursday, October 19, 2017


The Qualcomm Demo

McKinna, Brayan, Miles, and Tanguy went to Qualcomm to garner interest of a group of about 30 kids in robotics. After a brief presentation outlining the core principles of FIRST, the students were slip up into groups to look at/ shoot the robot. From a show of hands at the end it seemed as though a couple of students were interested in FIRST and robotics in general.

Credit Suisse

We were personally asked by Marie Hopper, Executivr Director of FIRST NC, to do a robot demo at their IT Expo. Adults of all ages were mesmerized by our robot. Our mechanical wonder dazzled the audience. Everybody who attended thoroughly enjoyed this team building experience. We were proud to be able to represent FIRST as a whole so well. It was such a treat to meet FIRST alumni from Zebracorns, the Hitchhikers, and a few competition volunteers.



McDonald’s Car Wash

Each year the Techno Wolves participates in two McDonald’s car washes to help raise money to support the team. By doing this we are able to introduce students to responsibility, courtesy, time management, and teamwork. The events are scheduled for four hours during the day with a wash team of roughly 10 students. Each student goes through training so that each car is handled with care and is inspected before letting customers drive away.

THOR @UNC Pembroke

Our team had a great time at the THOR competition at UNC Pembroke. We used the offseason competition as a chance to get our minds in gear for the upcoming season. We opened up the opportunity to drive the robot to everyone on our team, so that everyone could experience the competition from behind the wheel – or controller. We had some great matches and were not ailed with some of the issues our robot experience last year. Overall, the Techno Wolves had a blast and can’t wait for the next THOR competition!


NCSU Packapalooza

The NC State University Packapalooza event held on August 17th of 2017 gave the Techno Wolves the ability to introduce our robot and team to the many students and families of North Carolina, as well as to possible sponsors and possible mentors. During this event about six members of the team were responsible for showing off the robot’s capabilities, teaching younger children to function the robot as well as reaching out to encourage the interaction with FIRST itself. Throughout the event our robot experienced technical difficulties, with this we were not only able to show our ability to solve situations on the spot, but to show that we have the capabilities and communication to fix an occurrence that could happen at any time.