Strategy Council

By Business Lead on Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Strategy Council is a group of delegates from every subdivision, both Business and Engineering, that come together on a regular basis (at least once a month) to:

  • Discuss tactics for the team to be effectively engaged in the community
  • Discuss strategy in designing a highly competitive robot during build season
  • Discuss methods in approaching potential sponsors and/or partners
  • Discuss research of other teams’ strategies and emerging technologies
  • Form a committee to enforce safety among the team led by the Safety Captain

The Strategy Council also has additional responsibilities during Build Season:

  • Forming a committee to carry out team and pit scouting (data collection)
  • Forming a committee to manage and schedule match data collection
  • Analyzing collected data to produce a list of prioritized teams for alliance selection in competitions

Committees are defined as a group of 2-4 members that are assigned a specific subset of tasks. Delegates can also be assigned multiple committees. Even though more can be made, the Strategy Council must have the following committees:

  • Awards – Business and Engineering delegates collaborate to make sure award applications and write-ups are completed to their fullest quality well in advance of their deadlines.
  • Education – Delegates work together to identify education needs within all areas on the team and communicate this with the Executive Leadership, so they can assign someone to meet the need by researching the topic, creating an education plan and materials, and working with the committee to schedule any training as well as to make arrangements to record the training. Once an education need is completed, the committee would also be responsible for organizing and storing all materials in the team’s Google Drive folder. The committee can work with other teams and mentors to reuse existing training.
  • Game Strategy – Delegates will be responsible for conducting scouting and data collection as well as analysis of the data for alliance selection.
  • Safety – Delegates (called Safety Captains) collaborate to conceive and enforce safety protocols and campaigns throughout the entire team.
  • Website – Business delegates work with Programming delegates to maintain and improve the team website.