Not Finished Quite Yet…

By Hamzah Chaudhry on Friday, April 21, 2017

Techno Wolves didn’t go on to qualify for NC State Championships, but that doesn’t mean we all had a great time this season! At competitions, we had an opportunity to interface with a lot of different teams. Many students experienced competitions and FRC culture outside of the team at the NC Greensboro District event for the first time! We would like specially thank The Zebracorns (FRC Team 900) for giving us a crucial part needed for our climber’s gearbox and our alliance for playoffs, The Gorillas (FRC Team 1225) and T-Rex (FRC Team 4935).  I would like to give a shoutout to the members who helped work to achieve the Entrepreneurship Award for the team! In addition, GLITCH (FRC Team 5854) also deserves a shoutout for letting me be their mascot for a while! The experience at Greensboro enabled us to gain insight on what to improve on the robot and the team as a whole for the next competitions.

Even though there was no travelling involved 🙁 for the Raleigh District Event, Techno Wolves still had fun competing for another time and getting to know everyone a lot more. We would also like to thank Bull City Robotics (FRC Team 6332) and The Zebracorns (FRC Team 900) for working together with us on our playoff alliance! We also got to win the Imagery Award for our outstanding imagery and branding!

From offseason to Build Season to competitions, we all had an opportunity to gain crucial skills needed for the future and grow tremendously as a team! All the teams have worked hard to improve the lives of many students in North Carolina and the rest of the world and we are appreciative of all the effort.



Where do we go from here?

It is time for us to emphasize the importance of giving back to our community and encourage the younger generation to look ahead to STEAM fields. In addition to giving our team awards to other teams at competitions, we handed them out at the NC State Championship, too, to teams we’ve seen demonstrate exemplary qualities this season. We already have had two robot demonstration events at the Marbles Kids Museum on April 2nd and the Triangle SciTech Expo at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences on April 8th as well as at Northwood Elementary School’s STEAM Fair yesterday. Over the summer, we hope to establish a local FLL team and further inspire local students to look ahead STEAM asides from our primary focus on sponsorship and fundraising.

Our focus for Engineering will be to work on several projects, such as autonomous and vision tracking, to greatly enhance the functionality of the robot. In addition, we also hope to introduce a new education framework to engage all of the students in a more hands-on and collaborative approach!

Important Announcements:

  • Elections for the Executive Leadership will kickoff Thursday, May 4th, so whether you are running or not, please be prepared!
  • The End-of-Season Picnic will be held on Sunday, May 21st at Crowder Park!


Finally, we would like to wish all the teams at the FRC Championships good luck for your journey ahead!!!!!