Engineering Division

By Business Lead on Sunday, November 13, 2016

CAD Subdivision

The CAD (computer-aided design) subdivision designs parts and assemblies in SolidWorks. This is the first step before building the robot or producing competition medals; precise measurements and guidelines from schematics are needed for Fabrication to start. Even though CAD doesn’t have an extensive range of other uses on the team, members of this subdivision must have patience and be willing to tackle a steep learning cover when learning how to use computer-aided design software and design principles.

Electrical Subdivision

The Electrical subdivision takes care of all electrical-related tasks and projects within the team. This subdivision is responsible for securing and wiring electrical components for the robot as well as troubleshooting when problems (e.g. brownouts and blackouts) occur. In addition, the Electrical subdivision gets to come up with useful tools by experimenting with sensors and hardware, such as an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi, with the Programming subdivision. Members of this subdivision must exercise SAFETY at all times, especially when working with potentially dangerous voltages and equipment like a soldering iron.

Fabrication Subdivision

The Fabrication subdivision constructs parts and assemblies and does mechanical maintenance of various projects, such as the robot and any game pieces. Whoever wishes to be a part of this subdivision must be willing to get his/her hands “dirty” by working with power tools and many materials. Members also must keep track of accurate measurements, heed to structural stability, consider time in receiving orders, and, most importantly, practice SAFETY throughout the entire workshop.

Programming Subdivision

The Programming subdivision deals with all aspects of coding on the team. Whether this is coding the robot in Java, updating the website in HTML and CSS, making an iOS/Android app, or writing Python to implement vision tracking on a Raspberry Pi, it is all handled in Programming. Members of this subdivision have to keep in mind to create flowcharts and diagrams along with strong collaboration when taking on projects and constructing algorithms.