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January 19, 2023

Time to D-D-D-Design

Hello everyone!

We are back for another update on how Techno Wolves is doing. This is our second week, and we are finalizing measurements for our new design. We have also disassembled our Swerve drive base robot and we are getting ready to reassemble it next week.

Next we will be talking about what business did!!! As a team we finalized our button and t-shirt designs and then added on some finishing touches as well as cleaned up their designs. We have been emailing multiple sponsors this week and have started planning out our order form for supplies. This Wednesday we have a presentation at the Cary Town Committee meeting, where they plan on trying to raise funding for a sports center which would also be used for FRC events. We are going there to talk to members to help give us a spot at the center to create an arena for all North Carolina FRC teams to use. We hope we can convince these members to give us this area and help all the NC teams. If you are available and want to support us, please come to the Town Hall meeting this Wednesday January 25th from 6-8. It is located at Herb Young Community Center: 101 Wilkinson Ave Cary, NC 27513

January 12, 2023

Howling into the New Year

Hello and welcome back, it's been awhile since we wrote a blog post because we were taking a break before build season. We needed to rejuvenate ourselves so we could give it our all this season. We came back on January 7th for our kickoff. The team had brunch and watched the kickoff all together. Afterwards, we had some intense conversation about our strategy for this year's game. By the end of the meeting we were able to assign roles and decide on our intake.

Now we are officially in our first week of build season. This week we have begun creating t-shirt and button designs and we opened artistic ability to all members in the team. Anyone on the team can can submit their ideas. Then we will vote to get our final design. We have had a good handful and can’t wait to make a decision this week. We have also completed our sponsorship packet and can’t wait to send that out to our sponsors and new sponsors. Now moving on to engineering the engineering team was able to successfully read through the manual and have understood the game back to front. We also finished programing the drive controls for the robot and have the drive base working. That’s all for this week and can’t wait to see you guys again next week.

Signing off!