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May 12, 2022

Spring Cleaning with Spring Showers

Oh hello there, didn't see you!

We at Technowolves are working on more grants and sponsorships this week along with spring cleaning. With the students having finals in the upcoming weeks, we didn't want to start any major projects or presentations. The following weekend we are having our end of year picnic which is going to be tons of fun! A big thank you to the McKenna family for hosting our picnic on their property, we are extremely grateful!

We are also looking for more outreach opportunities as we would like to expand our team brand. If you or anyone you know knows of any opportunities in the greater Raleigh area, we would love to hear from you! We also love to hear more from people in the community, please feel free to reach out at our team email:

May 05, 2022

May the 5th be with you!

Good evening Ladies, Gentlemen, and everyone in between!

Last weekend 3 our of team members, Shanel, Julia, and Rithika went to the #IAMCS event to show off our robot and recruit more team members. They introduced FRC and our team to dozens of students from various high schools in North Carolina. They let the interested students drive our robot around and shoot into the hoop, getting a feel for the game last year. We got a lot of rising high school students and their parents interested in FRC and our team, which will hopefully result in more Techno Wolves next year.

This week a lot of our members we be starting finals at school, so this week is being taken rather easy so the students can take the time to study and be well rested. We also decided to not go an event this weekend for the same reason, instead opting to use this time on low priority tasks.