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March 16, 2024

Crescendo Week 10!

Hey everyone!

This week has been a busy and productive one! We have been performing repairs from visiting Pembroke for week #2 competition.

All students took a day off on Monday to rest and returned on Tuesday to unpack our trailer. We removed Orpheus and all other necessary materials. Our first priority was to fix one of our swerve modules. We removed it and secured the magnet within it with loctite. We’ve been having issues with this module for weeks, but after long meetings of queries and possible solutions, we finally fixed it! 

Our second priority was completing our ground intake. Competition came much faster than we were expecting, and we weren’t fully finished with Orpehus when we attended Pembroke. However, it’s currently being worked on now. Prototyping has taken place and we’re expecting it to be completed by the beginning of next week. 

For the last few weeks we’ve been focusing on team and supply organization. Our students have been rearranging our tools, containers and boxes, and other supplies. Additionally, we’ve begun thinking of new ways to delegate tasks to students and increase productivity. This week we attempted an assigned list of tasks; we’re excited to see what new ways we come up with.

February 24, 2024

Crescendo Week 7!

Good afternoon everyone!

We have finally made it to Unveiling, the event where we reveal our robot to parents and sponsors along with our nominations for Woodie Flowers and Dean’s List’s. Woodie flowers being the most recognized mentor by the students and Dean’s List being the 2 most recognized students decided by the mentors. While those have been handled awhile back, our robot is still in progress.

Swerve is very complex to code and with this new year have new libraries, programming has been slow. That combined with redoing the wiring has made it hard to test our bot and make sure everything’s working, luckily it should be ready enough for the Unveiling. Along with the bot being ready, our bumpers will be as well. Since our fabric was done, we were able to put the team numbers on the side and attach the brackets needed to mount the bumpers to the bot.

After Unveiling, we plan on hitting the ground running with only 2 weeks until our first competition. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing.