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August 04, 2022

The bell has rung, it's time for class!

Welcome back to all our returning students! With school being back in session, we have been working on our outreach that we pursued during the summer. It includes our presentation for the parents and new members, as well as reaching out to those new recruits to make sure they have up to date information.

We delayed our "Summer of Swerve" to the fall so we are getting that set up with new students as well as a few parts that we are waiting to arrive. Exciting times are coming!

July 28, 2022

Summer's hot and so is the future!

Well almighty, North Carolina is hot this year. I hope you all are enjoying the summer and taking some time to safely enjoy the heat!

We had a car wash on Saturday July 23rd at McDonalds on Walnut Street. The day started off slow but we slowly started gaining more and more cars as the day went on. Through three shifts we consistently had 5 or more students there to both advertise and wash cars. Although we had to end the carwash two hours early due to rain, we still had a successful event with close to a grand in donations.

We had a recruitment event at Wake Stem Early College High School today. Our set was located in the lobby, where we interacted with parents and students going through orientation. This included mostly rising freshmen but also included a few other students of varying grades coming into the school. Part of the event was showing off the magic of our robot, and we talked to parents at the event while the students rotated through different opportunities afforded to members of the school. Some of the students were a bit nervous but after a fun presentation, some of the kids spoke up about their interest.

We are following up with those that are interested and we hope to see them soon! Thank you again for all your continued support!