Founded in 2014, the Techno Wolves is a student-led FIRST Robotics Competition team based in Apex, North Carolina. We not only plan on building an awesome robot, but also aim to build a better future by enriching our community through STEAM, robotics, leadership, and business management skills alongside the core values of FIRST, such as Gracious Professionalism® and Coopertition®.

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June 30, 2022

Enter the Matrix

A new week, a new set of activities! With our Summer of Swerve coming, we have ordered all of the electrical and mechanical parts. This week we are setting up multiple workstations for coding usage. With swerve drive needing different libraries than the standard tank drive, Gavin and Kevin have been reformatting the laptops with a brand new system and base code for students. They have been hard at work, and Gavin even reformatted all the computers to run a beginner version of Linux, called Mint!

We also have enjoyed some new students coming in and checking out the den and interacting with the current students. It is exciting times for Technowolves!