The Team

By Business Lead on Sunday, November 13, 2016

Techno Wolves FRC Team 5518 is a high school student-led FIRST Robotics Competition team based in Apex, North Carolina. We are a fourth-year community-based team partnered with Wake STEM Early College High School at NC State University. Techno Wolves serves as a valuable learning experience to all of our members; the team structure is based off of an existing model in the corporate world, giving members an early, competitive edge when applying for jobs and college. Additionally, our robotics program encourages students to actively promote the team by attending outreach events, participating in community service, raising funds, and reaching out to local businesses/organizations to support us.

Our History

Techno Wolves originated as a group of ambitious students from Wake STEM Early College High School (STEM ECHS) who wanted to pursue a positive impact on their community after some of their commitment to FRC Team 435, the Robodogs, formerly affiliated with Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School (currently with the Longleaf School of the Arts). Additional history of our team is shown in the following timeline:

2013-14 (Year of Establishment)

  • It all began with an idea that eventually led to a series of meetings, recruitment ideas, tons of paperwork, and a very large business plan
  • October 22, 2013 — 9:24 PM: Techno Wolves was born

2014-15 Season (Rookie Year)

  • North Carolina Regionals 2015: Polyphemus ends its official career as the 7th seeded alliance in the quarterfinals

2015-16 Season

  • THOR III: Techno Wolves attends its first offseason competition held in Reidsville, North Carolina
  • Wake County District 2016: Reagan finishes as the 7th seeded alliance in the semifinals
  • Campbell University District 2016: Reagan is in the winning alliance and Techno Wolves receives the Gracious Professionalism® Award
  • FIRST North Carolina State Championships 2016: Reagan is in the finalist alliance and Techno Wolves is the recipient of the Judges’ Award
  • FIRST World Championships 2016: As a second-year team, Techno Wolves attends its first world championships held in St. Louis, Missouri; Reagan participates in the Carver Division and ends with Rank 32

2016-17 Season

  • THOR IV: Techno Wolves attends its second offseason competition held in Cary, North Carolina
  • Greensboro District 2017: Hyperion reaches quarterfinals and Techno Wolves wins the Entrepreneurship Award
  • Raleigh District 2017: Hyperion reaches quarterfinals and Techno Wolves is the recipient of the Imagery Award
  • NC FRC Alliance: Techno Wolves starts this initiative to facilitate better communication between all the FRC teams in North Carolina

2017-18 Season

  • THOR V: Techno Wolves attends its third and fourth offseason competition held at UNC Pembroke and Millbrook High School