2017 Build Season Week #1 UPDATE

By Business Lead on Saturday, January 14, 2017

What a crazy first week it has been! From all the snow earlier this week to the hard work going on in the workshop, we can find it safe to say that the Techno Wolves have been keeping themselves very busy!

This week, we mainly focused on prototyping and brainstorming the design of our robot! There were so many great ideas that were brought up by the team. We have also begun ordering parts for the robot. Throughout build season, we are requiring rookie members to choose any 3 days out of the week to attend, while veteran/student leadership members must choose at least 4 days to attend. With students coming in on different days, we have created a “sign-in” system so that attendees will be counted for the days they are present. Additionally, the team t-shirt design is open for all members to submit ideas relating to the theme of ‘steamworks’ or ‘steampunk’!

We’re all looking forward to next week!